About Our Farm

A family tradition since the 1930’s.

Dollie & Gilbert Grose 50th Anniversary

Dollie’s Story

In the 1930’s, Dollie Grose sold her eggs for ¢18 a dozen. On Saturday’s trips into town, Dollie would wait for her husband, Gilbert, to step into the feed store.  Dollie would then slip into the bank to deposit her egg money. It was with this secret savings she gifted her family with 40 additional acres adjoining the existing 46+-acres where Dollie’s Farm is located today; where her family has lived for 6 generations.

The legendary story is that Dollie would tease her husband saying, “my chickens and their eggs bought the farm” …his reply “but remember, it was my feed that fed your chickens”.  So, it is with thankful hearts we still work the family farm bought with Great Grandma’s egg money, fed by Great Grandpa’s feed!  Come visit the farm and see Dollie’s egg calculation chart from 1943.

About The Farm

Dollie’s Farm is a 5-acre Lavender & U Pick Flower Farm in Franklin Indiana. The flower farm began operation in 2018 on the old homestead purchased by Tricia’s great grandparents in 1932. The flower farm is named Dollie’s in her honor, with farm fresh eggs sold year-round at the farm, commemorating Dollie’s gift to us. 

In the heart of the farm lies the floriculture field where you will find rows of of hand-planted, fragrant lavender. Growing throughout the field are 80+ varieties of flowers plus 17 different varieties of Sunflower.  The flowers are planted in rows so guests can easily pick fresh cut flowers. 

Dollie’s is the perfect place to escape the hard concrete of city life and the fast pace of our everyday demands.  As you stroll through gardens of carefully planted flowers, the sights and sounds of rural living envelope you. Enjoy the sound of a rooster crowing, a cow calling her calf.  Pack a picnic and enjoy watching the butterflies and honey bees as they gather pollen from the acres of flowers.

Inspired by a heritage of farming, we have a deep passion for faith, family, flowers, & farming – it is with this ambition we continue to add to the farm experience. We aim to make our business the best we can be while expanding the traditional farm experience to a pleasant floriculture farm visit for our community.   We invite our community to come share in the farm experience with their family. We hope your experiences here will be as memorable as ours.

Values & Plans

Our Focus

  • We enjoy connecting with others and creating new relationships
  • We value a strong work ethic while leaving time for rest, time for family, friends, and pets (see Dollie’s Pet policy)
  • We love sunshine, the fragrance of flowers, and watching things grow
  • We labor to bring joy to others with the beauty of flowers and the fragrance of lavender in bloom
  • We offer a relaxing fragrant lavender experience with a farm market offering lavender products
  • We commit to establishing more events and attractions for our guests centered around the beauty of the flower fields
  • We cherish the farm where our family has gathered for fun and your family is welcome to join us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer a relaxing experience as you visit our lavender & flower farm!  We combine growing, harvesting, and processing lavender for sales of fresh cut flowers, lavender or in Fall searching for the perfect pumpkins with fall bouquets.  Our goal is that visitors to our farm, our facebook page and our website, may gain an appreciation for small family farm production and the benefits of fresh lavender products.  We desire to develop loyal customers who become friends and frequent visitors!

Our Future

Our farm will be an example of a profitable, sustainable, successful family farm business.  Our farm will be bountiful and beautiful, and something to be desired by our next generation.    Our community will see us as responsible stewards of the land we have been given.  Our customers will see new amenities, services, structures and flowers each year as we grow to enrich the lives of all who come to the farm.  Our faith will be enriched as we serve to make a difference in the lives we touch.   Our dream and passion drive our goal to supply more people with more flowers that are locally grown and handpicked by our community of friends.   We commit to grow the farm each year by adding more flowers, lavender and amenities to Dollie’s Farm. Please come visit us as we grow!

Making Life Full of Blooms


3961 N 425 East
Franklin, IN
**Ensure GPS says Franklin


2024 Season Opening June 8
10 am to 6 pm

Hours June through October
Wednesday – Friday 3 to 6pm
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday Noon to 5 pm