Upcoming Events

Pick & Paints July 20
Kids 10 AM & Adults 3 PM

Date: July 20
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

Pick & Paint for Pint Size Artists
Class for kids ages 5 to 13

  • This class is designed for our little artists who would like to learn how to build a bouquet and paint some flowers. The artwork created will be the perfect treasure to hang in your home for years. The children will walk the fields with the Dollie’s designer and choose 12 fresh cut flowers and greenery fillers for their bouquet (vase included with ticket price).
  • Lavender lemonade and a cookie will be served during the class.
  • Art instructor will give step by step instructions on painting a floral creation.

Tickets $44

    Date: July 20
    Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM

    Pick & Paint for Full Grown Artists
    Class for those ages 13 to 100

    Party Guests will receive:

    • a tour of the flowers & lavender fields. During the tour Guests will be free to roam the fields and choose 15 fresh cut flowers and greenery fillers for their bouquet (vase included with ticket price).
    • lavender mint iced tea harvested from Dollie’s herb field or enjoy a lavender wine spritzer.
    • designing tips from Dollie’s floral expert as guests arrange their flowers into the perfect bouquet.
    • paint & paintbrushes to create the perfect painting of the flowers on a board to display at home.
    • step by step instructions on painting a floral creation from a local artist.

     Tickets $59

      Moments with Mom

      Date: July 27th
      Time: 10 AM to 1 PM

      National Parent’s Day July 28, 2024

      Honor your mom and surprise her with a trip to Dollie’s Farm for a creation you make together.

      This Mom & Daughter Bouquet Class is our “biggest bouquet” class offered to symbolize the HUGE part a mom has in our lives, even as an adult.  Each mother & daughter pair will pick 40 flowers together and then join the group as the Dollie’s designer gives tips on building the perfect bouquet.  All the ladies will enjoy a lavender scone and lavender lemonade, or lavender mint iced tea during their time together. There will be special memory moments during the event you can share together or with the group. Don’t leave the farm without a special photo shot to remember your day together.

      Make memory cards to pass around the tables while we make the flower bouquets.

      The following day your mom can enjoy her beautiful flower arrangement you made together.

      $60 ticket for 2 people

        Baa Baa, Blooms and Yoga

        Date: July 27th
        Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

        Goats, Blooming flower bouquet, Yoga & Lavender Tea.  Did you know flowers have a language of their own?  In the fields at Dollie’s you will find 87 different varieties like the Sedum which symbolize Peace & Tranquility. In the language of the flowers, Verbena represents Creativity.  Yarrow speaks of Everlasting Love. Coneflower (Echinacea) symbolizes Health & Strength.  Come make a bouquet of beauty and meaning after a yoga class in the fields.

        Event price includes yoga class with the goats sharing your mat, a glass of iced lavender mint tea and a Delicately Simple bouquet.

        Bonus: When 1 person signs up 5 people – they will receive a Dollie’s Specialty Bouquet designed by the Dollie’s designer the night of their yoga class.

        Find Fuggler in the Flower Fields Family Scavenger Hunt

        Date: August 4th

        What’s a Fuggler?  A Funny Ugly Monster. He is lost in Dollie’s flower fields. The first family who finds the lost Fuggler gets to keep it. PLUS, mom gets a free Delicately Simple Bouquet to take home. Come have some free fun on the Flower Farm. (Only 1 Fuggler is hidden the first Sunday of each month July thru October.)

        2024 Dates:  August 4,  September 1,  October 6

        Family Yoga Night

        Date: August 17th
        Time: 5:00 – 8:30 PM

        To celebrate families, we are inviting your family to join our family for a great memorable experience on the flower farm.

        It’s Family Yoga Night at Dollie’s with T & R Farm’s goat stars known as Wonky, Ana, Elsa, Pumpkin Pie, Dollie & Jelly! It will be a fun night of family memories! Here’s the evening agenda:

        Yoga with the goats begins at 5 pm including feeding the goats right out of your hand or off your mat. Really fun picture of your kids and the goat kids!  Followed by a light picnic of peanut butter & jelly (don’t let our little goat named Jelly think she gets your PB&J!), lavender lemonade, chips and a light dessert. Families may move their mats anywhere on the farm for their personal picnic time. Your family will then be able to participate in a scavenger hunt & family activity challenge and prizes.  Winners will receive a free delicately simple bouquet to take home. Dollie’s Chicken Train will be running for our smaller family members as well. This night will be great for kids of all ages… Grandparents, Parents, Teens & Kids (kid goats as well!)  Stay later and see if the lightening bugs make an appearance over the fields.

        **If your child does not like PB & J, you are welcome to bring another option.

        Refresh Friday: Unplug & Unwind

        Date: September 6th

        Evening Agenda:
        5**- 6:30 PM Private Spiritual Walk around the Flower Farm
        6:30 PM Yoga Class
        7:30 – 9 PM Light Supper and Tea while watching the sunset over the flower fields

        **Class participants are welcome to come as early as 5 pm or right at class time.  

        The Spiritual Walk around the farm is a meditative private time releasing the heaviness of life while enjoying the beauty of nature and the refreshing breeze of release.

        Dinner will be served following the Yoga Class consisting of cucumber wrap, summer side salad and fruit.  Guests are welcome to bring their own bottle of wine to enjoy while resting after yoga!

        Sunshine, Sunflowers & Sun Salutation Flow 

        Date: September 21st
        Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

        Goat Yoga Night at Dollie’s with T & R Farms.  Sunflowers, because of their believed dedication to the rays of the sun, are a symbol of longevity and devotion. The loyalty of the sunflower to its relationship with the sun paints the sunflower as an image of warmth, brightness, creation, and happiness.  After class pick a free sunflower to take home and enjoy for the week. Dollie’s will be serving Lavender Lemonade after class to enjoy while you find your perfect Sunflower.

        Event price includes yoga class with the goats sharing your mat, enjoy a glass of iced lavender lemonade and then cut your favorite sunflower out of the fields to take home.

        Schedule a Private Event at Dollie’s


        Wedding Flowers

        We love to design flowers for our Brides…  Email blooms@dolliesfarm.com with your ceremony date.  We will set a time for you to visit the farm and choose any specific colors or flowers you are interested in using in sprays, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.  If you aren’t flower specific, that works too…  we promise to use what looks best in the field on the date of your wedding that fits into your color palette and style.  So, have no fear if you feel like you don’t know flower names, you don’t need to. That’s what you have us for!

        Some of our brides enjoy setting a Bride’s Bouquet event at Dollie’s.  The wedding party is treated to a glass of wine or lavender lemonade depending on the Bridal Package purchased, while walking the fields as the Bride chooses the flowers she desires in the bouquet.  Testimonies from this experience range from “this was the most relaxing part of my bridal week”,  “I am so glad we did this, walking the lavender fields took all my stress away”,  “it was so fun having my bridesmaids and my mom help choose the flowers as we walked the fields together”. Bride’s Bouquet Events include a gift of lavender products for the Bride.

        Ceremonies at Dollie’s

        A 10-minute drive from Franklin, 2 miles from the Whiteland I65 exit, our farm is a very easy to find and yet a special & private place to tie the knot. We can accommodate your guests under the pergola/shelter or out in the open lavender fields. We are a unique venue allowing vendors to set up the day before, with 24-hour access to the space. Wedding and special event customers are welcome to use any vendor of their choosing, with the exception of the flowers, of course.  If you need someone to perform the ceremony, Tricia is an ordained minister performing wedding and recommitment ceremonies for 15 years.  Costs of wedding packages range from $750 to $3,500, depending on your needs and package choices.

        Check our monthly availability by calling (317) 797-7749

        Blooms & Wine Bouquet

        The Perfect Blends!

        What better blend can there be than a glass of wine and an arrangement of beautiful blends of fresh cut flowers?   Minimum 6 participants

        • Party Guests will receive a tour of the flowers & lavender fields.
        • Guests will then be free to roam the fields and choose the number of fresh cut flower stems based on your package.
        • A designer will be available to give tips to your attendees on arranging flowers for the perfect bouquet in the vase provided with your Bloom package. 
        • Dollie’s will provide the infused waters and refreshments for your event for an additional fee or some hosts enjoy bringing their own wine choices to share with their guests.

        Contact us for more details at blooms@dolliesfarm.com

        Crowning Tea Parties

        Queens & Princesses for the day!   There’s nothing like a crown of fresh blooms to put you in a celebratory mood.  Enjoy a special lavender tea party for your group of friends, family, bridesmaids… any girl who loves to feel like a Princess.   Our Queens and Princess who attend will

        • Receive a tour of the flowers and lavender fields.
        • Ladies are free to roam the fields and choose the number of fresh cut flower stems based on your Crowning Package.   
        • A designer will be available to guide the ladies of the court through making a beautiful halo from the flowers they’ve chosen.    
        • Fresh squeezed lavender lemon aid or iced lavender tea will be served with a light dessert.

        Contact us at blooms@dolliesfarm.com

        A Shower of Bouquets

        Celebrating those upcoming nuptials or birth of a new baby?   Let Dollie’s Farm help with the decorations and venue.  Reserve the farm with its pergola and shelter situated in the field of flowers and lavender.  We will host your private shower and provide a variety of bouquet options based on your desires for your guests.  Customers are welcome to use any vendor of their choosing for food and beverages or add the lavender teas & lemon aids fresh from the farm to your menu.   Contact us at blooms@dolliesfarm.com

        Pick & Paint Palette

        Combining Your Creative Flair

        Dollie’s Pick & Painting parties include everything you need for girls’ night out or date night. From the seasoned painter to the new artist, young and old alike, these Pick & Painting classes have something for everyone!   Enjoy your time with your group, as our talented instructor guides you step by step through the featured painting. We also offer Family Friendly classes for ages 7 to 107 – so there’s something for everyone!  We’ll provide the flowers (15 stems), vases (additional cost of $7 if participants wish to take home the vase), canvases and paintbrushes.

        • Receive a tour of the flowers and lavender fields.
        • Painters are free to roam the fields and choose the number of fresh cut flower stems based on your Pick & Paint Palette Package (package price below includes 15 stems). 
        • Fresh squeezed lavender lemon-aid or iced lavender tea can be an option for your refreshment; or if you prefer, enjoy an adult beverage (guests are welcome to bring their wine) . 

        Our classes are $49 for 2-hour paintings and $65 for 3-hour paintings. Contact us at blooms@dolliesfarm.com

        Photo Ops in Full Bloom


        We ask that all photographers schedule an appointment since we have a strict policy that only one photography session is allowed on the farm at a time. This respects the photographer’s time and talent. Appointments can be scheduled for either morning or afternoon/evening sessions. Many of our photographers schedule back-to-back sessions during their reserved time. Please call to reserve the date which will require a $60 nonrefundable fee paid at time of reservation to hold the date. If the photo session is past our closing time or outside of normal business hours the fee is $75 to cover staffing. We can reschedule dates if needed, depending on availability.

        Please let us know if you need any further information. Feel free to call anytime.

        And again… thank you for considering Dollie’s as your backdrop.

        Field Trips

         School groups, Nursing Home Residents, Summer Camps, Home School groups, Preschools, Mother’s Day Out, whatever your group’s focus…Field trips are designed for participants to experience our beautiful outdoor setting. 

        • Children who are participating in field trips will interact with our staff while learning about lavender, flowers and the hundreds of butterflies collecting pollen off the flowers.  Children will be able to play life size Jenga, Dominos & Field Twister at the farm. 
        • Adult field trips include classes covering stress reducing practices with lessons on the benefits of lavender! 
        • We also offer an age appropriate Scavenger Hunt if included in the package!
        • We have a box lunch you can order for $22.
        • Field Trip Groups can also arrange classes for sachet, herbal tea making or floral designing.

        Teachers, Daytime Parties and Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and business retreats are welcome on the farm.  Our covered, outdoor pergola (located by the lavender field) can be rented for $150 for two hours. $100 for each additional hour (does not include weddings).  Available May- October. Caterers are welcome.  (There is electricity) – ps. Volunteers are free (unless participating in classes).

        Cost: $5 to $25 per person for participants (depending on packages chosen).

        Please send a note to blooms@dolliesfarm.com to schedule or inquire about our tours/trips at Dollie’s.

        Private Lavender Massages

        Experience the relaxing benefit of Lavender in its finest form… A Lavender Massage right in the field of lavender using only the best products from the fields. Privacy for massages is provided by a vented tent with privacy shields when requested.  The massages are performed by a licensed therapist with 20 years’ experience.  Your Swedish Therapeutic massage will last approximately 60 minutes. Email or call the farm to initiate a scheduled massage in the lavender. Seasonal availability is contingent on weather.

        Autumn Blooms & Pumpkin Pickin’

        We have the snips and buckets all ready for our visitors to pick the perfect fresh cut bouquet.  Enjoy walking the peaceful acreage of floral bliss by yourself, with family or friends or ask one of the farm’s friendly staff for help.  Designers are also available to design your bouquet with the purchase of a vase at the farm.

        Watch for upcoming Fall events to be scheduled including

        • Pumpkin Chunkin Family Contests
        • Leaf Pit Playground
        • Pumpkin Painting Events
        • Family Potato Sack Racing Contests

        Fall Tractor Drawn Wagon/Hayrides are available for private parties by scheduling ahead at blooms@dolliesfarm.com

        Making Life Full of Blooms


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